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    The next Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of the Pacific will be July 25, 2015 at St. Luke's Presbyterian Church. Meeting materials will be posted by July 17, 2015.

    Meeting Materials

    2015 Per Capita Allocation

    The 2015 Per Capita allocation is $38.40. The distribution is as follows: Presbytery $28.73 Synod 2.60 General Assembly 7.07.

    Presbytery Habitat Build - Culver City

    Praise the Lord! We have reached our $150K goal for a Habitat Build! Thank you to all who have helped us reach our monetary goal. Please stay tuned for more information as details about the build.

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    • 815-Spanish June 29, 2015
      June 29, 2015 Oficina de la Asamblea General Gradye Parsons Secretario Permanente La Confesión de 1967 dice: La iglesia se dispersa para servir a Dios en donde quiera que se encuentren sus miembros, en el trabajo o en el recreo, en privado o en la vida social. Sus oraciones y estudio de la Biblia forman parte […]
    • Pastors on trial in Sudan await July 2 hearing June 29, 2015
      Judge has the option to continue trial or drop charges June 29, 2015 The Rev. Peter Yen Reith. —Morning Star News Presbyterian News Service Tammy Warren LOUISVILLE Two South Sudanese pastors imprisoned for their faith in the Republic of Sudan since December 2014 and January 2015, respectively, will have the opportunity to answer a judge’s questions in […]
    • Congregations receive excellence grants of $35,000 each June 29, 2015
      2015 Walton Awards given to three new church starts June 29, 2015 One of Camino de Vida’s primary missions is food distribution. Since 2011 they’ve delivered more 42,000 pounds of food to some 850 hungry families in their neighborhood. —Photo courtesy Camino de Vida Presbyterian News Service Paul Seebeck LOUISVILLE Three worshiping communities have been named winners […]

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