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    • Georgia PCUSA Church Takes Arms to Lend a Hand…

        Local blacksmith, church make international difference Posted by Horace Holloman on November 9, 2016 in DeKalb News Equipped with a Colt 38 pistol as a handle, AR15 rifle and a couple of single-barreled shotguns, the contraption sitting at the center of Columbia Presbyterian Church may appear to be used for something other than helping […]

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    • Times of transition: It’s not about changing churches; it’s about changing people

      Presbyterians Today November 3, 2016 It’s not about changing churches; it’s about changing people by Mark Roth | Presbyterians Today Theresa Cho, co-pastor of St. John’s Presbyterian Church in San Francisco leads worship with her daughter, Isabella Kim. (Photo provided) LOUISVILLE – You might say the transformation began with the pews. St. John’s Presbyterian Church […]

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    Next Stated Meeting of the Presbytery

    The next Stated Meeting of the Presbytery will be held on SATURDAY, February 18, 2017. Location to be determined.

    2016 Per Capita Allocation

    The 2016 Per Capita allocation is $38.50. The distribution is as follows: Presbytery $28.83 Synod 2.60 General Assembly 7.07

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    • Krummel regresa al ministerio pastoral December 5, 2016
      December 5, 2016 Oficina de la Asamblea General Toya Richards Directora de Comunicaciones y Secretaria Asistente Permanente Louisville La Reverenda Susan Davis Krummel ha aceptado un llamado como pastora interina en la Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana en Princeton, Illinois. Su ultimo día como directora de Relaciones de Concilios Medios para la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) será el 31 […]
    • Krummel returning to parish ministry - Korean December 5, 2016
      December 5, 2016 Office of the General Assembly Toya Richards Jackson Director of Communications and Assistant Stated Clerk Louisville 크럼멜Krummel이 다시 목회지로 돌아가다 토야리챠드Toya Richards정보통신부디렉터및부공서기  수잔 대이비스 크럼멜Susan Davis Krummel 목사는 일리노이 주 프린스턴에 있는 제일 장로교회의 임시 목사로 부름을 받았다. 미국장로교회 중간 공의회 디렉터로서의 마지막 날은 12 월 31 일이다. 그녀는 2003년 가을에 시작한 노회 […]
    • Presbyterian Historical Society digital archives features 5,000 virtual items, and the list keeps growing - Korean December 5, 2016
      December 5, 2016 Office of the General Assembly Fred Tangeman Development & Communications Coordinator 장로교 역사 소사이티 디지털 아카이브는  5,000개의 가상 아이템을 선 보이며 그 목록은 계속 늘고 있다 보도자료News Release 프레드탠지맨Fred Tangeman장로교역사소사이티Presbyterian Historical Society 필라델피아PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – 지난 가을 장로교 역사 소사이티 Presbyterian Historical Society (PHS)는 [펄 벅 여사를 기리는] 펄 온라인 아카이브 사이트를 시작하였다. […]

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