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Disaster Relief: How your church can help

To the Presbytery of the Pacific:
We all grieve the loss of life due to devastating hurricanes in the southern Atlantic states and the island nations in the Carribean, as well as the multiple earthquakes in Mexico.
Here are the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance sites to donate specifically to these disasters. PDA reaches far and wide in times of disaster through its vast networks of partner ministries, non-profits, and churches throughout the world. Please continue to give generously to our church’s humble, effective, and long-lasting disaster assistance ministry. It’s one we can be proud to support.
PDA designated giving for recent disasters:
Mexico; Earthquakes
Texas, Guyana and Louisiana; Hurricane Harvey
Other ways to pray, give, act:
Did you know?
  • The most helpful fund for PDA is the undesignated fund, where PDA can use the money to respond to the most urgent need at any moment.
  • 100% of your donations to PDA go to disaster relief.
  • PDA is usually the last to leave a disaster, working alongside, training and empowering local leaders to respond to long-term recovery needs for many years after a disaster hits.
  • PDA is funded through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering we take at Easter.
Also, YOU ARE INVITED to our Climate Conference on October 7th, 2017at Pasadena Presbyterian Church, featuring Catholic Archbishop Gomez, Rear Admiral Len Hering, Dr. Tom English, and Rebecca Barnes-Davies from our national offices in Louisville, Kentucky, where we will study the issues of climate change and how it affects weather patterns. Sponsored by the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee of our Synod.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble
Mission Catalyst
Presbytery of the Pacific
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