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Puerto Rican seminary reopens in aftermath of Hurricane Maria

With most still without electricity, classes offered at nearby Inter-American University

by Paul Seebeck | Presbyterian News Service

A month after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with 155 mph winds, Seminario Evangélio de Puerto Rico has reopened thanks to seminary staff and supporters who have “almost worked their hearts out.” (Photo courtesy Common Dreams)

LOUISVILLE — The Seminario Evangélio de Puerto Rico reopened Saturday, October 28, with a revised academic calendar only a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the island with 155 mph winds.

According to Seminary President Dr. Doris J. Garcia Rivera, classes will be held at Inter-American University for the next month. She says the reopening was incredibly difficult and took countless hours of analysis and multiple suggested schedules before the seminary decided to offer fall semester on Saturdays at Inter-American.

“Soon we will be ready to offer classes in our home,” says Garcia Rivera. “But we had to take into consideration our professors and student needs with the present reality of our nation. Without electricity, there are no street lights, house refrigeration, air conditioning or fans — and unusually long traffic lines.”

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