Resourcing Leaders & Transforming Lives

Nicaragua Mission

Pacific Presbytery in partnership with the COOPEMULNAGTLE Cooperative

A leadership cooperative serving for rural villages northwest of Leon, Nicaragua.cepadOur partnership is anchored and facilitated by CEPAD, the Nicaraguan Council of Protestant churches, and Presbyterian World Mission, PC(USA).

Who We Are

Presbytery, COOPEMULNAGTLE, CEPAD & PCUSA World Mission

What We Donic-grocery

Together we focus on these area:

  • Education (teacher training, advocacy)
  • Health (CKDNT education, medicine & advocacy)
  • Poverty (microloans to small farmers, grocery stores in each village)
  • Environment (teaching organic & sustainable farming & planting trees in deforested areas)
  • Spiritual Growth (Bible Studies, preaching, worship & prayer)
  • Youth (Youth Encounter)
  • Personal Connection/People Focused (homestays, visits, parties, games & friendships)

How We Work3-covnenat-renewal-process

  • People-Focused Mission
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Covenant Agreement
  • Relationships First
  • Accompaniment of Rural Leaders


Key Agency Partners


La Isla Foundation

Presbyterian World Mission

Presbyterian Hunger Program



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