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Commission on Preparation for Ministry – Advancing to Candidacy

Advancing to Candidacy

In order to begin the process of ordered ministry and apply to become an Candidate of the Presbyterian Church (USA),  there are requirements you need to fulfill. Below is a brief outline of the essentials of this stage:

Have been an Inquirer for approximately one year:

Have taken the Bible Content Exam;

Be enrolled in (or have completed) the Master of Divinity program in a Presbytery-approved seminary;

Other items as recommended by the Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM), which may include an updated psychological evaluation;

Submit Form 5 packet (see below) and a letter from your congregation’s Session;

Present the Statement of Faith, Motivation and Service (one page) to your congregation’s Session and the Presbytery;

Complete a background check, providing results to your CPM liaison;

Meet with CPM and be examined on the floor of Presbytery after submitting all of the above.

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During the Candidacy Phase

This resource outlines the processes and requirements associated with this stage.