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Committees & Commissions of the Presbytery of the Pacific


Administration Committee – Open to all

Chairperson:   Tom Fleming

Meetings: Twice between presbytery meetings, usually Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Duties:  Acts as the board of trustees for the Presbytery. This group oversees the financial life of presbytery – i.e., property, investment, financial management, develops budget for presbytery. Also provides financial oversight for congregations as requested, assisting with financial management and corporate issues. This committee nominates one of its members to be elected Treasurer for the Presbytery. Committee members are assigned tasks according to their area of expertise.

Skills:  Those who understand budgets, leases and have an appreciation for the role of trustee.


Commission on Preparation for Ministry – Teaching and Ruling Elders Only

Chairperson:   Jacob Vermaak

Meetings: Third Saturday of each month from 8:30 am to Noon

Duties: CPM is responsible for shepherding inquirers and candidates for ordination as Teaching Elder in the PCUSA through the process of discerning and embracing their call to ministry. CPM has the authority, on behalf of the Presbytery, to enroll an individual as Inquirer. Through one-on-one relationship with individual committee members as their liaison, inquirers and candidates navigate the logistical requirements and spiritual discovery of what it means to serve a church as Teaching Elder/Pastor. Each member of CPM is required to attend the monthly meetings as well as fulfill the role of liaison for 2 to 4 inquirers/candidates. Liaisons agree to meet one-on-one at various times during the year with the candidates and inquirers assigned to them to review where they are in the process and provide prayer and a listening heart.

Skills: A heart for mentoring and a willingness to be in an honest relationship with individuals seeking to discern God’s call in their lives. A willingness to become familiar with the ordination process as laid out by the Book of Order and the Presbytery.


Mission Interpretation and Promotion (MIP) Open to all

Chairperson: Jim Lamm

Meetings: First Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM

Duties: MIP engages the congregations of the Presbytery in theological and practical reflection on the centrality of mission for the life of Christ’s church by encouraging and providing resources to congregations to be actively involved in global and local mission partnerships. This may include, but not limited to, assistance in finding appropriate grant funding for mission projects and partnerships. MIP facilitates approved mission partnerships of the Presbytery, relates to the Synod committee on Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, relates to the Presbytery Committee on the Self Development of People, arranges for a hunger offering to be taken at each meeting of the Presbytery and chooses recipients for these offerings, screening applications for Lulu Stevens grants and making recommendations to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission. Facilitates an annual Mission Event at the Sept. presbytery meeting.  Each member of MIP serves part of the whole and takes on tasks as they arise.

Skills: Anyone with a passion and deep theological/practical understanding of mission – or a willingness to grow in that area. Also helpful are skills in communication, grant writing, social media, and event planning.


Committee on Staff – Open to all

Chairperson: Dr. Jerelene Wells

Meetings: Called as needed.

Duties: Provides counsel, oversight, support and review of the work and compensation of the Presbytery staff.

Skills: Human resources/personnel experience, non-profit management experience, conflict management experience.


Commission on Ministry – Teaching and Ruling Elders only

Chair: Rev. Ann Hayman

Meetings: Last Wednesday of the month. Subcommittees meet at 2 or 3 pm. Full committee meets in plenary from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Duties: COM is organized in 3 ministry teams (subcommittees) to fulfill the responsibility of serving as pastor, counselor and advisor to the Teaching Elders and congregations of the Presbytery. They are: Pastor Nurture; Credentials and Compensation; Transitions. Each COM member is part of one of these teams that meet monthly. Members of COM are also called upon to:

  • Serve as a presbytery liaison to Pastor Nominating Committees in churches seeking to call a teaching elder
  • Build and maintain relationships with teaching elder members of the presbytery
  • Serve on intervention/support teams with church sessions
  • Provide pastoral care both short term and ongoing
  • Offer support with church human resource/personnel committees
  • All of the above will require additional meetings

Gifts and skills: Wisdom; humility; compassion – a willing heart with care and concern for individual pastor and the congregation as a whole; critical impartial thinking. Knowledge and understanding of: the Book of Order, Presbytery of the Pacific processes and procedures; the diversity within/among church cultures; conflict management/resolution; listening and interfacing well with people.

Passion for: the health and well-being of the Church; pastoring teaching and ruling elders; prayerfully seeking the will of God through the direction of the Holy Spirit as expressed through the deliberations and contributions of the full COM committee, Sessions, and Pastor Nominating Committees.

Willingness to: spend a significant amount of time beyond monthly meetings to faithfully complete tasks and responsibilities. Sign a Code of Ethics promising to maintain confidentiality and avoid any conflict of interest while serving on COM. Actively participate in the life of the Presbytery.


Committee on Participation and Representation (COPR) Open to all

Meetings: Called as needed.

Duties: Advocate for the diversity in participation to include… “race, ethnicity, age, sex, disability, geography, and theological conviction.” [Book of Order F-1.0403] Nominate to the Presbytery persons to fill all vacancies on Presbytery committees; Synod Council representatives; commissioners to Synod and commissioners to General Assembly; and committee chairpersons, except as otherwise provided in the Standing Rules.

  • Advise the Presbytery regarding the principles of unity and diversity.
  • Advise Presbytery leadership on a process for welcoming and developing leaders.
  • Consult with the Presbytery on the employment of personnel, in accordance with the principles of unity and diversity [Book of Order F-1.0403].
  • Publish an annual report of representation on Presbytery leadership and elected commissioners.
  • COPR is accountable to the Presbytery.

Each member of COPR is assigned to oversee one of these three areas: Leadership Development, Nominating, Diversity of Representation in service to the presbytery.

Skills: Leadership; taking ideas and developing them into processes and programs; administration; organizational abilities; cultural proficiency.

Self Development of People (SDOP)
Open to all

Meetings: Called as needed.

Duties: In 1970 the General Assembly gave SDOP this mandate: “The Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People shall assist the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in carrying out its global commitment to work toward the self-development of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people who own, control, and benefit directly from projects that promote long-term change in their lives and communities.” There is an SDOP committee at Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly levels and their purpose is to participate in the empowerment of economically poor, oppressed and disadvantaged people. Presbytery of the Pacific’s SDOP shall distribute its designated funds and recommend distribution of national funds to self-development projects within the Presbytery according to the policies of the National Self-Development of People Committee as approved by the GA.

Skills: A deep interest empowering the self-reliance of people to change unjust structures that oppress people. Willingness to work with others on the committee to prayerfully invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit when discerning the people and projects who will receive the grant money.


Permanent Judicial Commission – Ruling and Teaching Elders only

Chair: Pro tem called as needed

Meetings: Called by the Stated Clerk when needed

Duties: This commission shall function according to the Constitution of the PC(USA) as described in the Rules of Discipline. The commission may be called to exercise judicial authority on behalf of the presbytery implementing discipline within the context of pastoral care.

Term: Term on the PJC is for 6 years; currently seeking 3 people for the class of 2019.

Skills: Openness; good listener; wisdom; discernment; able to uphold confidentiality.


Presbytery Coordinating Commission – At Large Members – Ruling and Teaching Elders only

Chair:   Joshua Yee

Meetings: Stated meetings are 3 times a year with other meetings called as needed Duties: The membership of the GMC consists of the chairs of many standing committees of presbytery with an additional 6 at-large members elected. Its duties are:

  • Coordinate the work of the committees and ministries of the presbytery
  • Appoint committees/task forces for special purposes
  • Have specific powers which may be granted by the presbytery from time to time and as permitted by the Form of Government
  • Nominate the Committee on Participation and Representation

The PCC reviews business that is to come before the Presbytery, makes recommendations to the Presbytery, coordinates the Presbytery meetings and provides wisdom and guidance to the committees.

Skills: Experience serving on Session and/or other committees of presbytery.